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Coast hotels record good business in the last week of 2021

As the 2021 calendar comes to an end, hotels at the Coast region recorded relatively good business during the last week of the year.

A spot check in most hotels in the region showed that most facilities were fully booked until January 2.

For the last week of December, the Standard Gauge Railway passenger train, the long distance buses and the local flights also recorded booming business.

According to the Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers and Caterers, December was very busy and productive.

This was attributed to the lifting of the many restrictions that were in place to curb the spread of Covid-19 in 2020.

In 2022, the 10pm curfew was in place, hotel facilities were only allowed a certain number of guests and the night life was completely cut off.

However in 2021, the nightlife was restored after the lifting of the dusk-to-dawn curfew and hotels were allowed to operate in full capacity.

“The year 2021 can be termed better compared to 2020, when all celebrations were cancelled. The entire destination was active,” Sam Ikwaye, KAHC coast executive director, said.

Despite the good numbers recorded in 2021, Ikwaye said, the optimum performance of the sector was not realised because of some challenges.

For domestic tourism, Ikwaye said, the school calendar has been such a burden to parents, forcing many people to shelve their plans.

“People are forced to shelve leisure to meet other competing primary financial demands. The school calendar has not been favourable,” he said.

The number of international guests to the coast region is also still very low because of some restrictions that are still in place.

“Many variables did limit our optimum performance. International travel was still restricted in many places suffocating our international numbers,” he said.

Despite the government’s insistence that all tourists must show proof of vaccination before being booked in the hotel, this did not affect the numbers either.

“We are happy because vaccination brought some hope and many complied with the appeal to take the jab,” Ikwaye said.

Kenya Coast Tourists Association chief executive Julius Owino described the last week of 2021 as “very fruitful.”

“Most hotels were operating at 100 per cent occupancy. This is mostly attributed to the resilience of domestic tourism,” Owino said.

He added that this is a pointer that the future of Kenya’s tourism sector lies in the domestic market.

This being an election year, the tourism stakeholders are appealing for peace.

“We wish to appeal to politicians to conduct peaceful campaigns without raising political temperatures,” he said.

“Because of the uncertainties, we might not achieve much this year, but after the polls we will bounce back.”


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