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CS Macharia unveils government plan to link Eastern and Western Kenya

Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia unveiled plans for the Rironi-Nakuru-Mau Summit highway during a Stakeholders Engagement Workshop on Friday, June 3, 2021.

The ministry’s multi-billion plan for the 233-kilometer highway seeks to better the livelihoods of Kenyans living along the corridor.

The CS stated that the expansion of the highway, which is estimated to cost Sh160 billion of private capital, will commence in September 2021.

“It will improve connectivity between Central/Eastern Kenya and the Rift Valley/Western Kenya area, and also reduce congestion on the Northern Corridor,” the CS noted.

This project also includes the expansion of the Rironi-Maai Mahiu-Naivasha road, an essential part of the most important transport corridor in Kenya known as the Northern Corridor that originates from Mombasa to Malaba.

Macharia added that the highway’s expansion is set to turn into a 4-lane dual carriageway using a Public-Private Partnership (PPP)model.

In late 2020, the French association comprising of Vinci Highways SAS, Meridian Infrastructure Africa Fund, and Vinci Concessions SAS were awarded the PPP contract, which is an agreement that enables private sectors to take part in governmental activities through contractual agreements like financing, construction, and development.

The expansion also intends to reduce travel times and vehicle operating costs and also provide high standards of services(paramedic services, clearing accident scenes, and towing).

It also aims at stimulating economic activity sustainability, create employment opportunities and enable the government to channel its resources to other priority projects as construction is funded with private funds such as equity and loans.

The project will also entail tolling to pave the way for a more connected and competitive country estimated at the proposed tariff of Sh 6 per km passenger car unit (PCU).

According to CS Macharia, this will be achieved by developing and maintaining the national road network, benefit from the quality highway, and saving time and costs.

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