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Diesel and kerosene price drop as the cost of petrol goes up

Following the mid-month review by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA), petrol prices will increase by Ksh 1.48 starting Monday midnight.

However, the procedural adjustment has seen overall affordability in fuel prices over the past three months despite a notable increase in the three commodities.

For instance, the price of kerosene will go down by 50 cents while diesel will reduce by 12 cents from the coming month.

International market crude oil prices

EPRA has allotted the decrease in fuel prices due to the decline in the cost of landed fuel in July. This month will, however, be different because the cost of landed petrol increased by 2.65 per cent while that of kerosene and diesel reduced by 2.06 per cent and 1.02 per cent respectively.

At the moment, a litre of petrol in Nairobi will go for Ksh 105.43 until October 14. On the other hand, kerosene and diesel will go Ksh 83.15 and Ksh 94.51.

The current cooldown in cost represents international crude oil prices which will correct the sharp price witnessed during world economies re-opening.

The rise in fuel cost from June to August saw Kenya not make much profit as the price continues on an upward trajectory.

The prices experienced in the past few months will help the current inflation due to low rate maintain a sustainable cost of living for Kenyans.

For instance, the inflation rate for August remained at 4.36 per cent the same as that of July despite a marginal rise in fuel costs during the month.

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