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Farmers launch new venture to outsmart Nairobi ‘brokers’

Farmers in Nairobi County have unveiled their own venture in an attempt to outsmart Nairobi businessmen who act as middlemen in the whole chain of production.

The middlemen are reported to make millions without breaking much sweat, something that farmers who soil and sweat their bodies have planned to put to an end.

The farmers have launched The Nairobi Farmers Market, which is located at Kiambu Road, which will entirely be operated by farmers hence excluding the middlemen.

A farmer and CEO of California Mirama University Kenya, Prof Dominic Mwenja, said that the launch is part of improving the country’s food yields.

Jeff Mundia, the General Manager of the Market, stated that the initiative was meant to bring businessmen closer to the consumers.

“Within the next two to five years, every Kenyan should be able to get their fruits and vegetables delivered regardless of where they live as the science and the technology is there to allow us to do that,” Mundia said.

Speaking to Citizen TV, one of the farmers said what the Nairobi farmers program is doing is to make it possible for the produce to come directly from the farms into the market itself.

He further argued that by kicking out intermediaries, the venture ensured that the prices stay competitive and the supply remains even throughout the year.

Another trader who has secured a stall at the market noted that his company manages a farm from where he gets his produce.

Consumers were also excited about the market, highlighting the fair pricing points and how neat the displays have been organized.

“The prices are very friendly, and their produce is quite fresh and good,” one customer gushed.

In the traditional marketing protocol, the middlemen, commonly known as brokers, raked in millions, year in year out, yielding more “harvest” than the farmers.

Other farmers have had to abandon their farming ventures due to the middleman effect.

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