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Financial Advice for The New Year

As the 2019 curtain inch closer to shutting, many Kenyans have had a taste of the tough times. Schools have had to deal with the many cases of fee arrears, matatus have hiked their fares explaining the sharp increase in fuel prices, and a plate of unsatisfying carbohydrates has gone up.

As the year prepares to end, do not let 2020 find you unprepared.

How can you achieve this?

First and foremost, understand that KRA is famished to hit the national target. With this set, it means that commodity prices are set to rise steadily as income remains constant.

To match this muddle, there are a few “tricks” to employ:

Find a side hustle – Side hustles are great investment plans that can guarantee a few extra coins in your pocket. However, you do not need a side hustle that promise sleepless nights, if not nightmares. We have heard in the news about Mama mboga, who has educated all her three children through university with her small kiosk busy running next to the estate’s gate.

So, take enough time and choose a side hustle that will not drain all your effort as you will need the better part of it in your career venture.

Minimize on the extra and maximize on the basics – As 2020 begins to knock on everyone’s door, no matter your financial state, the so-called rich have already identified plans and measures to save and learn new business techniques.

The basics include a steady income, a strong family foundation, and a comfortable lifestyle. When we say a healthy lifestyle, do not confuse it with an extravagant life that explains the staggering 2 am moments out from a drinking spree with colleagues and working buddies.

Have a plan in mind to build a good foundation for your family

Think about building your future – We have all heard about “building a future ahead” The future starts with a savings plan. You probably have been living in the ideal location in a rented apartment that is close to your workplace and your children’s school.

It would be best if you were thinking about saving enough money and build a home that you will not need to pay rent month in and month out. There are mortgage plans on offer in almost all workplaces. But, before signing any official documents, check and see what the payment plans state and all the minor details which many do not take time to understand.

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