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Kenya Railways to ferry cattle in new train service

The Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) has disclosed that it would be expanding its customer base to include cattle.

According to a statement released on Sunday, May 23, the corporation has indicated that the service aimed at ferrying cattle between Nanyuki and Nairobi.

Although the railways commissioned failed to reveal when the service would kick-off, it stated that the new cattle wagon is able to handle 30 cows per trip.

Farmers in Nanyuki earlier on appreciated the revival of the railway line whose service kicked off in 2020 and said that it would help them connect to the city easily.

They had stated that the railway provided a more secure transportation link as compared to road transport which was prone to accidents and theft.

They also expressed hope that the grain wagon would be revived to provide holistic transport solutions to all farmers in the area, which is among Nairobi’s most trusted food baskets.

The entire project to Nanyuki set back taxpayers Sh3 billion.

During its construction, the government also expected that the cargo business would connect Mombasa Port to Ethiopia in an attempt to boost bilateral trade between the two countries.

The cargo was to be ferried from Mombasa to Nairobi by using the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), where it would then be taken to Moyale via the Nanyuki line.

“Kenya Transport and Logistics Network have conducted the viability study on the route, and it has been discovered to be feasible. We want to tap the latent that has been brought by the industrial activities at the Ethiopian border,” Kenya Ports Authority chairman Joseph Kibwana said.

The cattle wagon adds to other services rolled by the Kenya Railways Commission, which includes bus services across the city as well as trains linking peripheral towns to Nairobi Central Business District (CBD).

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