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KRA announces mass PIN deregistration of VAT violators

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)on Tuesday, June 8, issued a notice to Kenyans declaring the beginning of mass pin deregistration.

A Public Notice dated June 8 stated that the Authority would, on Thursday, June 10, deregister pin numbers for 66,269 people who have failed to follow VAT obligations.

The exercise will affect people who fail to file their VAT monthly returns and also those who repeatedly file nil VAT returns.

Those whose pins will be deregistered will see their VAT obligations deregistered and canceled effective Thursday, June 10, 2021.

The exercise will be done following an earlier notice last month on May 5.

“Deregistration/cancellation of Tax Obligations is in line with Section 36(5) of the VAT Act, 2013 and section 10(5) of the Tax Procedures Act, 2015,” read part of the statement.

However, KRA has provided guidelines for people who wish to re-activate their VAT obligations.

The taxpayer will be required to apply for re-activation to the commissioner through their respective tax service office, and the application should indicate the reason for re-activation.

An individual will be expected to provide any document in question by the Tax Service Office.

Taxpayers who have been filling nil VAT returns will be required to explain to the commissioner why they would need VAT obligations.

After re-activation, the taxpayer will have to file missing VAT returns as well as Nil VAT returns and make sure they are up to date.

They will also be required to make payment of the outstanding VAT liability.

To avoid deregistration in the future, taxpayers are advised to comply with KRA set rules and regulations.

The taxman has listed more than 60,000 personal identification numbers (PINs) that are set to be deregistered.

The Authority said to verify if a name is on the list, one should visit its website.

KRA PIN is a major document of identification and verification tool to access a wide variety of government services as well as participate in the economic and financial spheres of the country.


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