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NMS plan to evict school land grabbers

The Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) boss Mohammed Badi, on Tuesday, February 16, said that they are working with the Nairobi County Government to issue title deeds to public schools in order to get rid of land grabbers.

According to Badi, the title deeds will only be issued to land owned by public schools, a move that will solve a long-running issue that has left land allocated to public schools at the mercy of the government officials.

The Director-General further stated that they would be issuing vacation notices to help the landowners sort out their land ownership documents before NMS takes action.

“It is only at NMS where efficiency meets effectiveness. Despite the land being a thorny issue in Kenya, we will act swiftly, and all schools will have genuine title deeds,” Badi said.

Speaking while issuing bursaries worth Sh503 million, the NMS boss noted that land grabbing is rampant in the country despite verbal warnings.

The chairman of the Budget Oversight Committee, Jackson Githuguma stated that most schools in Nairobi had been having land grabbing issues.

Githuguma said that land grabbers in Nairobi had discovered a way of manipulating the law, and soon some schools will have no playing grounds.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Dai Kurokawa/EPA/Shutterstock (7965349m)
School Children Flee As a Teargas Canister is Fired by Police in Front of the School Playground During a Protest Against Alleged Land Grabbing at Langata Road Primary School in Nairobi Kenya 19 January 2015 at Least 5 Pupils Have Been Rushed to the Hospital After Police Fired Teargas Canisters at Them and Activists According to Local Media Reports Activists Joined by Pupils Brought Down the Perimeter Walls Erected by the Airport View Housing Company Claiming That the Playground Belongs to the School ‘Langata Road Primary School Playground Has Been Grabbed by a Group of Known Professional Land Grabbers Acting on Behalf of a Very Senior Politician in the (ruling Coalition) Jubilee Government’ Said Activists in a Statement Kenya Nairobi
Kenya School Land Grabbing Protest – Jan 2015

“It is said that most of the school heads hire goons when land grabbers come for our schools. For how long will we continue to suffer? We want serious action taken,” Githuguma stated.

The Badi-led agency is also planning to allow schools to use private security guards, which was withdrawn in 2020, where schools have since been left unguarded, making is easier for other people to repossess the land.

Nairobi’s education County Executive Committee (CEC) member Janet Ouko vowed to continue supporting needy students through additional bursary allocation while the NMS ensures straight students have a place to learn without continuous distractions

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