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The re-opening of Kenya Meat Commission

Kenya Meat Commission is now re-opened after eight months of being under the Kenya Defence Forces. President Uhuru Kenyatta commissioned the opening on Monday. The move to close it down was due to deficient performance, which the Kenya Defence Forces have since revived.

After the move to transfer KMC to KDF was highly criticised, the Ministry of Agriculture has seen tremendous improvement in the revival of the commission after being under KDF. This is because of the high consumption of meat products within the army.

The move to transfer the commission to the army was said to have violated Article 10 of the constitution on National Principles, being public participation. It was, however, agreed that the error could be corrected. The re-opening comes after Kenya Railways began transporting cattle to the processor using the Nanyuki route.

As reported by Nation Media, on Sunday, the railways announced that Kenya¬†Railways is set to start transporting cattle via the Nanyuki Railway line. One such cattle wagon can accommodate up to 30 cows. Cattle wagon train carrying cattle today makes its official trip from Nanyuki Railway Station to Nairobi’s Kenya Meat Commission Depot”.

The livestock farmers have appreciated the change in the management of affairs in the commission as payment will be done within 72 hours. Senator Mutula took to his social media account and posted,” Kenya Meat Commission workers and livestock farmers are reportedly happy with the new management.1000 cows a week and payment in 72 hours. What does that say about the ministry of Agriculture? Can we do the same to KQ.!Vita ikuje”.


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