Uber, Taxify riders to pay more in new tariff plan

Striking Uber drivers are teargassed by police
Striking Uber drivers are teargassed by police last week. PHOTO | SALATON NJAU   

Kenya’s taxi users are facing increased fares following the signing of an agreement between the drivers and the e-hailing firms that establishes the Automobile Association (AA) rates as the standard for the cab sector.

Adoption of the AA rates is expected to automatically increase the cost of rides. The AA rates stand Sh26 per kilometre for vehicles with engine capacity of between 850cc to 1050cc and Sh42 per kilometre for 1050cc to 1300cc cars.

The association recommends Sh45 per kilometre for 1300cc to 1500cc vehicles and Sh58 per kilometre for 1500cc to 1800cc vehicles.

Uber, for instance, has…

Source – Business Daily