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UK Media Lauds President Kenyatta’s Sh13B project

The British media has praised Kenya’s Green Energy projects days after US President-elect Joe Biden maintained that he would be keen to ensure that Americans adopt clean energy as well.

A local daily, in an article published on Wednesday, November 11, 2020, listed Kenya among the frontrunners in green energy mainly in the use of geothermal power production.

The press recognized Kenya (Africa) alongside Spain (Europe), Uruguay (South America) and South Korea (Asia).

Geothermal productions involve hydropower, solar, wind and thermal power.

Kenya owns the largest solar generation Plant, the Sh13 billion China-funded Garissa Plant, where more than 200, 000 PV panels produce 50MW.

Investors have also completed the construction of 105 MWe Menengai geothermal power plant in the Rift Valley in October 2020.

The solar power plant and the Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) projects saw Kenya ranked number 5 in the 2019 Climatescope Index which was released by the Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF2019)

The Wind Power project also reportedly attracted Google, which expressed interest in investing in it after it emerged the biggest in Africa.

Kenya was also ranked seventh in the world in the production of geothermal power across the globe.

The rankings were reflected in the Renewable Capacity Statistics 2020.

Renewables already provide more than 93 per cent of Kenya’s electricity with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government planning to further expand it and make it accessible to every Kenyan citizen by 2020.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, while speaking during a roundtable session of the Paris Peace Forum in France in November 2018, noted that his government’s target was to attain 100 per cent access to power for the country, and sharply lower prices to industry to push manufacturing.

The US President-elect Joe Biden vowed that his government would unveil $2tn (Sh218 trillion) clean energy infrastructure and other climate solutions.

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