6 Notable Personalities with Major Breakthroughs in 2019


2019 has been a breakthrough year for many people – from actors & actresses to musicians, wonder kids, models, etc. We can’t dent that the year has been tough for most of us, but oh well, the prayers made by some individuals were definitely answered by the Supreme Being.

Take a look at 6 of the most celebrated breakthroughs of 2019:

1. Stivo Simple Boy

“Vijana, tuache mihadarati.” If you are not familiar with this phrase then are you really Kenyan? The Kibra sensation Stivo Simple Boy took the airwaves this year with his song which became a hit, even though the song had been recorded years ago. He has even won awards thanks to his music which has since seen him improve his living standards.

The sky is the limit Stivo Simple Boy!

2. Sailors Gang


Sailors Gang broke the internet waves with their record hit Wamlambez. The song was so popular that it garnered millions of views within a few days with international acts such as Jamie Foxx vibing to the tune.

3. The Baringo ‘Threesome’ Dancers

Three boys from the Ilchamus community in Baringo County; Andrea Lenapir, Benson Lekachuma, and Kevin Lekimariki would have an early Christmas thanks to their dancing video which went viral on social media.

The three caught the attention of celebrated media personality Jeff Koinange who organized to have Kenyans contribute to help the boys and their families from the dilapidated state of living they had.

This was later actualized when Jeff, Swahili anchor Rashid Abdalla, Comedian Professor Hamo, and other media personalities visited the boys at their home in Marigat and showered them and their families with goodies.

4. Taaanight with JK Live

Joseph Ngari Ndegwa, a young schoolboy had his video go viral on social media where he had a ‘perfect’ imitation of media personality Jeff Koinange’s presentation style.

He would later be invited to co-host the show with his idol Jeff Koinange.

5. Parte After Parte

The phrase “parte after parte” has definitely been one of the most popular words amongst Kenyans towards the end of the year. This came following a hit song released by Ugandan musician Big Tril. The song was not just famous in Kenya – it has listened globally. International acts such as Wizkid, Cardi B, and Offset have been seen vibing to the tune.

6. Sho Madjozi

To end this list is one of my personal favorite artists of all time: Sho Madjozi. The South African beauty released her hit Swahili hit song “John Cena” in 2019 which took the world by storm.

She finally got to meet her idol, John Cena, during the Kelly Clarkson show, something that took her by surprise.


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