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Actor Mustafa shares struggles after losing 2 jobs


Andrew Mugure, commonly known as Mustapha from Citizen TV Show Mother-in-law, has opened up on struggles he faced after losing two jobs.

Speaking during an interview, the renowned actor who was also a radio presenter at Hot 96FM revealed that he had to survive on very little and handouts from family and a few friends during the difficult period.

Mustafa noted that in 2020, he was fired from his radio job, and at the same time, he got fewer episodes in the Mother-in-law show as they were looking to cut on the budgets before he was eventually terminated from the show.

He recalled that his wife was five months pregnant at the time of retrenchment and was put on 24-hour bed rest due to pregnancy complications.

Mugure said that treatment consumed their savings and the little income he made from the few episodes of the show he had shot previously.

He explained that at that time, his family and a few friends came through for him and provided basic things they needed.

He further lauded his landlady, noting that she completely understood his predicament and allowed him to pay rent in installments.

“I am currently not earning anything as I still do not have a job. My family has been very gracious to us as they bring me food and help in paying rent, and they also encourage me not to give up,” he said.

However, the talented actor said that there were friends who were not picking his calls or returning his calls when he needed their help.

During the period, Mustapha ventured into content creation for online platforms, but he faced a setback when his shooting equipment and laptops were stolen from his home.

“Now I just film with my phone, and I also edit on the same device,” he said.

He then got into small-scale farming to provide for his family as he looks for a more consistent source of livelihood.

Despite his struggles, the talented actor joined an initiative to raise Sh3.5 million for Baby Neillah, a baby who was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

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