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Akothee confronts KPLC staff for forcefully entering her home

Akothee went on an online rant condemning Kenya Power and Lighting Company(KPLC) staff for reportedly forcing their way into her Migori home and threatening to disconnect her electricity.

The mother of five claimed that KPLC staff were disrespectful as they entered her home without permission and refused to identify themselves or leave their contacts.

According to Akothee, no one is allowed into her compound without an appointment or an official letter from the company.

The businesswoman  promised to take legal action the next time KPLC staff repeat the same.

Akothee added more reasons why she does not want the electricity officers in her lavish home.

First of all, the singer switched to using tokens and a generator, leaving no reason for KPLC officers to enter her home, as there are no electricity readings needed.

She shifted to using tokens because they used to slap her with exaggerated monthly electricity bills.

“I thought we resolved to using tokens and thats after you slapped me with a bill of 1.6 million. I paid and haven’t forgotten. Tuheshimiane,” she said.

Secondly, she stated that some of them use the opportunity to take private photos of her home, something she does not appreciate.

Thirdly, Akothee mentioned that KPLC officers are never available when called for emergencies, which leaves her wondering what the agency’s work is.

Several fans were shocked to hear that madam boss paid a 1.6 million accrued electricity bill and said that that was too expensive for a single household.

Some advised her to let her dogs lose the next time she has trespassers.

Other netizens thought that madam boss was airing her grievances through the wrong channel and asked her to contact KPLC directly.

@Gloria-gich 1.6! Kwani ni county? Na vile hao watu huingia kwa compound za watu bila ata salamu. Next time fungulia dogi ziwaonyeshe.

@Emmagorg Madam might be addressing the wrong audience. This should be between her and KPLC though.

@Thumazabaz 1.6 million. Even the president cannot have such a bill. Kwani wametumwa?

@Gowi-goye Kenya Power Migori slapping people with imaginary bills so as to recover funds lost on illegal connections.

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