Home Entertainment Akothee hilariously reacts to daughter spending night in police cell

Akothee hilariously reacts to daughter spending night in police cell

Akothee’s second-born daughter Rue Baby spent a night in the police cell over the weekend, and unlike other parents who would flip with anger at the incident, Akothee laughed away the situation while mocking her daughter.

Akothee learnt about the incident from a blog and wondered who bailed out Rue daughter since she never received any phone call.

Rue was arrested for flouting the curfew rules on her birthday night while driving from her party held at Golden Bistro.

She narrated the ordeal on her Instagram stories while neglecting to mention most of what went down at the station out of fear of her mother freaking out.

She revealed that she tried telling the police officers to let them off with a warning since it was her birthday, but the officers could hear none of that.

”So let me make my arrest story short since it is really long. So this guy tells us to park our car on the side, and then he asks, ‘madam hauna sweater, unajua vile jela kuna baridi?’ I was like yeah afande tusamehe tu aki leo ni birthday yangu and then he calls their car. So there we are with our skimpy dresses me and my girlfriends cat walking to the police van. I don’t want to say the rest of the part, my mom will freak out,” narrated Rue Baby.

Akothee, going on Instagram, jokingly asked her daughter if her boyfriend was caught too or if he was a child who adhered to the curfew regulations.

She went on to tell Rue Baby that being Akothee’s daughter doesn’t exempt her from following the rules.

”B*** yu slept inside, and I don’t know. Who bailed you out? Did they catch your guy too ama yeye ni toto ya above the curfew? Curfew hapana jua motto ya boss mama watakuweka ndani. Cheza chini,” wrote Akothee.

Upon seeing her mother’s post, Rue Baby rushed to assure her that she was fine and urged her to calm down.

“B** calm your ass down, am safe oo. Cheka tu,” Rue told her mother.

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