Album Review: ‘Father Studies’ from Fancy Fingers, Polycarp Otieno of Sauti Sol


Father Studies, is a masterpiece in the expression of fatherhood especially for a generation so well-versed with the idea of absentee fathers.

The album stays true to that unmistakably Sol afro-pop feel and keeps with the high-quality production and composition we’ve come to respect in Sauti Sol.

He took a perfected craft in Sauti Sol music and made it his own, keeping those guitar strings prominent and those melodies dreamy.

And who knew he had such a beautiful tenor? With a respectable range, Fancy Fingers has created an easy, smooth listen for his fans in Father Studies.

Music Videos from Father Studies

Fancy Fingers has released two official music videos from the album – Rhumba Toto and How I Met Your Mama – one a high-energy beat dedicated to his son and the other a ballad narrating his and Lady Mandy’s love story.

From Rhumba Toto, one can’t help but be moved by the pre-chorus which says, in part: “I will give you all that I never had. Don’t settle for being a boy, I am raising you to be a man. I will give you all I have. Don’t settle for being a prince, I am raising you to be a king.”

In this and also on Lala Land, the celeb baby who has long been referred to as Baby O is re-introduced as Mugisha. Among the Rwandese, Ugandans and Burundians of East Africa, Mugisha means “luck”.

Lala Land, a lullaby, has also been beautifully animated by GWACVisuals, incorporating illustrations from Matthew Omolo and giving the song a bedtime story feel which increases its artistic appeal.

Before releasing How I Met Your Mama, Fancy Fingers shared a series of photos on his Instagram page of him and his brilliant Burundian wife, captioning the photos with narrations of the story behind the photos, addressing his son.

The HIMYM music video features the fashion stylist (Lady Mandy) in stunning visuals conceptualized by Fancy Fingers himself as well as Marc Neilson and Roadman.

Father Studies: Fancy Fingers’ Heart of a Father

It’s impressive to see how much work Fancy Fingers put into this project, hoping more artistes will be inspired to use their craft for meaningful impact.

In Daddy Issues, where Fancy Fingers features Dela, the artiste tackles the challenges new fathers (and mothers) face when trying not to translate their own childhood traumas onto their children.

Promising to do better, Fancy Fingers sings: “Baby Roma haikujengwa na siku moja. Tusichoke kujaribu. Haya mapenzi taratibu. (Baby, Rome was not built in a day, let’s keep trying. Love takes time) I hope that you pray for me as much as I pray for you. Juu Roma haikujengwa na siku moja (Because Rome was not built in a day).”

Nitarudi, where Mordecai from H_Art the Band is featured, is an assurance to Baby O that even though daddy has to go away for work, he will most definitely be back home as soon as he can.

Amanda Pressure, featuring rapper Nyashinski, is among the top three most viewed songs from the album. Presented as a visualizer by Imor, one of the best lines from the song goes, “Kama unajipenda, hapa utapendwa kupendwa (If you love yourself then you’ll love how I’ll love you).

Other songs on the album are Papa Lovin’, Fancy Feeling and Love Me For Free. He also included a catchy Intro track titled A Child is Born.

Aside from the album which celebrates Baby O and Lady Mandy as Polycarp’s anchors and safe place, Fancy Fingers conducted a social experiment with some of Kenya’s most admired celeb parents where they shared their stories on how they met and their journeys in parenthood.

He also candidly narrated his life’s story in a series of interviews with Cleaning The Airwaves on YouTube, disclosing details on how his journey into music began, his early life and more.

In being authentic about his aspirations, journey and his experiences so far as a father, Fancy Fingers proves that the love of a father cannot be articulated better than by a father himself.

Father Studies is an all-round sterling offering from Fancy Fingers, we can’t wait for all that’s to come!

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