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Somalibae reveals he is mentoring Betty Kyallo for the next Nairobi Women rep. seat

Hon. Ali Nur, aka Somalibae, has finally opened up on why people often spot him with Betty Kyallo despite denying the dating rumours that surrounded them mid last year.

Speaking to presenter Alibaba on Radio Jambo, Mr Nur said that he has been mentoring miss Kyallo for the next Nairobi Women representative seat, currently held by the beautiful Esther Passaris.

He added that they are also close friends who talk often.

Hon Ali Nur confirmed that the two are not dating; neither have they been in a relationship before.

He confessed that as a Muslim, he is allowed four wives and thus, he would not have bothered to hide his girlfriend from the public if that was the case.

The politician is married and has fathered two children.

Betty Kyallo’s political ambitions were mere rumours until Hon Ali Nur confirmed it, adding that he and his fellow Nairobians will be happy to welcome her.

From Mr Nur’s revelation, it is evident that Betty Kyallo will not be returning to our TV screens as soon as many anticipated.

“Betty Kyallo is my good friend, and we talk often. Yes, she wants to vie for the Nairobi Women rep political seat. I’m not in a relationship with Betty Kyallo; I mentor her freely. I am a family man, a father, and I’m so happy,” said Ali Nur.

Hon Ali Nur is an aspiring politician who hopes to land the Kamukunji Member of Parliament seat come 2022.

He began his public political endeavours in 2017, where he dedicated his resources to helping the Youth and the underprivileged in society.

Ali Nur on helping Omosh

Mr Nur recently made headlines after coming through for struggling actor Omosh.

Mr Nur blessed the celebrated actor with food supplies worth 50,000 Kenyan shillings and 60,000 shillings in cash.

Netizens had horrible things to say about the way Ali Nur and Jalang’o publicized the affair.

To that, Mr Nur said he doesn’t mind the trolls and will keep on doing charity projects despite people’s opinions.

The selfless politician added that God gives freely, and thus he will not fail to help the less fortunate with the little he is blessed with.

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