All for Love: Woman Switches Church, Starts Supporting Arsenal to Be Compatible with Hubby


  • A lady said she started supporting Arsenal team because her hubby was a fan of the team and wanted something in common to do with him
  • She also switched churches to start going to the same church with him, and the two got married after four years of meeting
  • Doreen Ahimbisibwe’s brother was Vian Byaruhanga friend, and she said it was hard to look at him as a potential partner because he was his brother’s ally

A woman identified as Doreen Ahimbisibwe has opened up about her marriage and how she switched churches and started supporting Arsenal before getting married.

She converted to his faith before marrying him. Photo: My Wedding.

Lady swaps interests to blend with hubby

Doreen met Vian Byaruhanga, got married after four years of meeting, and he was Doreen’s brother’s friend who often visited him at their home.

“Byaruhanga was different from Donald’s other friends from school. He was humble and calm. It was easy for me to start talking to him but just as a friend,” says Ahimbisibwe.

While sharing their story on My Wedding, she said their first meeting was insignificant because she was nothing but his friend’s little sister.

“There was a nine-year gap when I did not see her. When I met her again in 2016, she was no longer a little girl. She had matured into a beautiful young woman. I discovered that she had finished her university education although she did not behave like the campus girls I was used to. She was well-mannered which impressed me so much,” says Byaruhanga.

The two started talking and became friends, and the more they got to know each other, the more positive attributes they discovered about each other.

“His humility and calmness were irresistible to me. I enjoyed spending time with him because it relaxed me and made me feel truly seen and heard. And soon I started noticing other things such as his affection towards me,” Doreen said.

The couple went to the fast-food restaurant Chicken Tonight in Kireka, a Kampala suburb, on their first date.

While she had no nerves, Byaruhanga was unsure she would turn up.

“I was relieved and glad when she turned up and we chatted for almost one hour. There was never a formal proposal because he let her know from the start that he wanted nothing but marriage,” he added.

Dorren said he was a soccer fanatic, but she was not but has since found herself supporting his team, Arsenal, especially when they lose to console him.

However, what sealed their union was when she converted to Catholicism from the Anglican faith.

Not only did she change her faith, but she has also started taking an interest in soccer to support her husband.

Woman says she married man she met at friend’s event

Another lady, Caren Achieng’, a visually impaired mother of one, met her husband Ephraim Onyango in 2019, who had lost his wife in 2017, and they dated for close to two years before getting married.

While married to her first husband, Caren said she got so sick and developed a severe headache at one point, which affected her eyesight.

Her first marriage didn’t work, and she walked out. However, she and her ‘new’ man, Ephraim, tied the knot in a beautiful church wedding in Kisumu in December 2021.



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