Home Entertainment Amin Rabar proves Kamene Goro wrong by purchasing Playstation 5 for husband

Amin Rabar proves Kamene Goro wrong by purchasing Playstation 5 for husband

Yesterday, Homeboyz radio Dj and CEO John Rabar surprised many Kenyans after bragging about the brand new PlayStation 5 console his wife Amina Rabar bought him for his birthday.

The Dj took to Twitter to upload a photo of the highly praised video game while referring to it as a ‘beauty.’

He praised his wife for getting what he termed the ‘perfect gift’ for his birthday.

Kenyan husbands and boyfriends on Twitter went wild, considering that the video game costs up to 50,000 Kenyan shillings.

Many said that they wished to find a woman who is as thoughtful as Amina Rabar instead of those who keep asking for transport money.

Below are some of the reactions elicited by the post.

@iamjoe All women should emulate Amina Abdi and buy their husbands ps5s on their birthdays. No more socks and handkerchiefs.

@mfalme I hope hawa maghaidi wa I need 2k urgently wanaona hii.

@djextreme Ours take away our hoodies even on our birthdays.

@jayjay They buy us socks alafu wanazivaa wakifika kwa nyumba.

@blackyoungstar I hope Kenyan women are seeing this.

@peter I need a wife like yours.

Kamene Goro’s thoughts on PlayStations

Amina’s gesture comes a few months after radio presenter Kamene Goro received major backlash for criticizing men who play video games.

The curvy host described such men as lazy and immature and claimed that she could never date a man who plays PlayStation.

According to the radio host, grown men ought to have more important things to do with their time, like reading books.

“Are we still doing the PlayStation? How can you, a grown-up, who probably talks to the most affluent people go back home and play PlayStation?” Kamene inquired.

Amina Rabar disagreed with Kamene Goro’s thoughts by buying her husband a PlayStation; and proved that responsible men could enjoy video games without turning out to be lazy and immature.

Amina Rabar met her husband while working at Homeboys radio, her first official job in the entertainment industry. The two are blessed with one child named Tumi.

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