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Andrew Kibe opens up on tough times after leaving Kiss 100

Controversial radio host Andrew Kibe recently opened up about the challenges he faced after resigning from Kiss 100 at the end of January last year.

The vocal vlogger resigned from the Radio Africa owned station after his boss, Mr. Quarcoo, had allegedly stared at him with contempt.

According to Kibe, he did not want to stay somewhere where he was not appreciated, pushing him to give a three months notice before saying goodbye to the station.

Sadly, things did not go well for the presenter after the exit.

Through an Instagram video, he revealed that 202O was one of his worst years. He lost his vehicle, then his house, leaving him without a place to live for some time.

He said that things are not so great now, but he is hopeful that he will slowly get back to his feet through his new radio station, ‘rogue radio.’

Andrew Kibe exposed

Kibe’s confession came a day after Edgar Obare’s fans exposed him. The presenter approached businesses advertising on Edgar’s platform, asking to advertise them on his radio at a lower price.

The presenter did not deny the accusations saying that that is the only way he gets to make money during these challenging times.

“2020 si imeniokota bana. I lost my moti(car). I lost my house, and was homeless for a minute. I’m not saying things are good, but now at least with Rogue Radio, I’m going somewhere. If I come to you and ask you to advertise your business, you better give me your business. How else will I survive in these streets?” Andrew Kibe.

Kibe’s exit on Kiss was not taken well by his cohost Kamene Goro who only learned about the issue a few days before leaving.

After failing to a land job on any other radio station, Kibe decided to start his station Rogue Radio, at the end of November 2020.

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