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Anerlisa Muigai openly declares her dislike for her husband’s new raunchy music video

The CEO of Nero water Company Anerlisa Muigai is very vocal when her husband Benpol does or partakes in anything that may damage her reputation as a respectable businesswoman.

However, being in the music industry makes it hard for the Tanzanian singer not to find himself in a scandal or two over time.

Anerlisa’s dislike for Benpol’s song

This time around, Anerlisa Muigai is not very happy about Benpol’s latest song release, which entails a very raunchy and suggestive music video.

The song, which was shot in a village in Tanzania, is filled with voluptuous women shaking their behinds vigorously throughout the video, with crowds watching the events surprised.

The song is dubbed ‘hiyo ndiyo mbaya,’ and it was a collaboration between Benpol and his fellow Tanzanian artist Tamimu.

Going on her Instagram stories, Anerlisa Muigai claimed that the video is the most ratchet one she has ever seen and added that it was too raunchy for her liking. According to Anerlisa, the raunchy video is not impressive to people in her class.

“Many of you have been asking me what I think of Ben’s new video, ‘hiyo ndiyo mbaya’. Honestly, I feel it’s the most ratchet video ever.” Wrote Anerlisa.

In another post she wrote,

“Some videos are too ratchet for my liking/class.”

Curious netizens however, claim that Anerlisa’s comment is only meant as a publicity stunt to boost her husband’s song.

This is because the song has picked up very slowly on Youtube, and unlike his fellow artists who are amassing millions of views in a number of days, Benpol’s ‘hiyo ndio mbaya’ has only managed to reach 32,000 views after one whole week.

Anerlisa Muigai benpol
Anerlisa’s comments on Benpol’s new song on her Instagram stories.

Benpol and Anerlisa marriage life

Benpol and Anerlisa Muigai said their wedding vows a few months ago; however, their marital relationship has already been through many challenges.

A few weeks ago, BenPol was taking part in an Instagram live video conversation with another woman late in the night with witnesses claiming that he was flirting with the said woman.

That is whe Anerlisa Muigai disclosed that they were going through some marital troubles back at home. Benpol and Anerlisa have since gotten back together as seen in their social media handles.

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