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Annita Raey begging for a job months after resigning from Hot 96

Things have not been going well for former radio presenter Annita Raey since she resigned from her job at Hot 96 in October 2020.

She has taken to social media asking for assistance in getting a job as a content creator at any production house.

The controversial media personality disclosed that her mental health has been spiralling and that she has suffered several anxiety attacks in the past two weeks.

She mentioned that her financial situation is dire, that she is even surprised at how she can afford food.

Annita Raey let anyone interested in hiring her know that she is excellent at her job and currently has a lot of content to share with Kenyans.

“I left work in October, yaani its been hard ata siwezi explain. I feel like I’m losing it. I have been getting crazy panic and anxiety attacks the last two weeks. I need a job. Asking for help is hard AF,” narrated Annita.

Annita Raey joined Hot 96 in 2018 and worked there for two years before quitting.

She stated that she had left her job because of toxic bosses who had been on her neck.

Annita Raey said she quit as she prioritized her mental health over her career.

Annita went on a Youtube video rant where she claimed her bosses tried to control every move she made.

She  made it clear that she did not appreciate being treated like a schoolgirl being she’s 32 years of age.

She mentioned that she did not care if exposing her bosses would prevent her from landing a media job in the future.

“I complained about my workplace issues genuinely for a while before I realized I was going to lose my mind,” said Annita.

When she joined the Royal media service station, she hosted the ‘Hot Drive’ alongside Patrick Igunza then got her show dubbed ‘the Sizzle on Hot’, which aired from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm on weekdays.

Before that, she worked at Radio Jambo as a mid-morning presenter.

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