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Senator Anwar Loitiptip marries new lover 2 months after breakup with Sonko’s daughter

Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip and his new fling Aeedah Bambi tied the knot in a secret ceremony on Saturday, April 24th, just two months after officially breaking up with Mike Sonko’s eldest daughter, Saumu Mbuvi.

The new couple made their union known by subtly changing their Facebook status to ‘got married’.

Many were shocked by how fast the Saumu’s baby daddy moved on. One fan rushed to the comment section, saying that he’d only believe the wedding happened if he sees pictures.

Anwar Loitiptip informed him that he would not be posting any of his special day’s photos on social media.

He, however, assured the fan that he is free to visit his house, where he would see the bride, 26-year-old Aeedah, in person.

“Tembea nyumbani uone bibi harusi live live. Picha mtandaoni najua mahaters wanasubiri waanze kudiss but tuko rada,” replied senator Anwar.

senator anwar aeedah bambi

After their breakup, Sonko’s daughter revealed that Anwar started seeing politician Ibrahim Papa’s daughter, Aeedah Bambi, while they were still together.

Saumu and Anwar dated for two years, since early 2019, and had one daughter together.

Saumu Mbuvi ended the relationship over domestic violence and cheating allegations.

Disclosing their marital secrets to blogger Edgar Obare, Saumu Mbuvi shared a photo of herself with a swollen face and accused senator Anwar of hitting her during the course of their short-lived relationship.

Saumu, who had entered the relationship with a daughter from her previous relationship with Ben Gatu, claimed that she was taking care of both her daughters without any financial help from senator Anwar.

“He used to beat me up to death and cheat with my friends. We aren’t together, and he was never my husband, just a wannabe. The man can’t even take care of his child. I thank God I was born a hustler,” said Saumu Mbuvi.

Responding to her accusations, Anwar accused Sonko’s daughter of having bipolar disorder, which led to her severe mood swings. He reportedly only hit her once before finding out about her disorder.

Senator Anwar revealed that they rarely lived together because of Saumu’s condition.

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