Art Caffe takes full responsibility for Edgar Obare’s hospital bill as his swollen face gets better


Popular gossip blogger Edgar Obare is currently doing much better after suffering a near-death experience yesterday at a popular city restaurant, Art Caffe.

His swollen face has gone down, and breathing has improved thanks to Nairobi hospital who came to his aid on time.

“I am doing much better now, my swelling has gone down and I can breathe just fine. My friends keep telling me I have 9 lives.”

Edgar Obare hospitalized

Edgar Obare was yesterday hospitalized after having an allergic reaction to a seafood meal he ate for lunch at Art caffe in Nairobi.

Edgar narrated his unfortunate ordeal on his Instagram account, where he recounted how he almost died as the hotel staff were completely untrained on what to do in such a situation.

According to Edgar, immediately after having his meal, his allergy started acting up where he found himself struggling to breathe, his face was swollen, his eyes were tearing up, and his throat was closing up.

However, none of the staff offered him any help, and they all stood by as he pranced to ask for help elsewhere.

Edgar disclosed that if it were a different person who did not immediately act and rush to the hospital as he did, he/she would probably not have survived.

Edgar Obare’s hospital bill 

Thankfully, Art Caffe has offered to foot for Edgar Obare’s entire hospital bill after apologizing for not being prepared to handle the situation.

Art Caffe’s General manager Yarden has embraced the incident as a learning experience and promised to train the staff in all their branches so that such an occurrence will be better managed in the future.

“I am having a food allergy test done in Nairobi Hospital to get to the bottom of what happened. The restaurant is willing to help in any way they can. They will even talk to their Insurance company to settle my hospital bill.”

“Telling this story was not about blaming anyone. I appreciate that ArtCaffe showed willingness to change for the better.”

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