Artists Taking their Imagination to the Next Level


Kenyan artists have taken their imagination to the next level and are looking to beautify the City of Nairobi. As the county is hesitant to repair potholes, drainage systems, and clean up the Nairobi River of its filthy stench.

Art students and talented Kenyan graffiti artists have taken a stand to improve the streets in little ways possible. Zebra Crossings from all over the globe are safety enactments that focus on making not only the roads safe but improve motorists’ visibility as they maneuver the busy streets.

Today, in Nairobi, we have witnessed the true beauty of art in the making. In Westlands, pedestrians can appreciate the use of maroon and white colors to replace the traditional white and black striped zebra crossing.

We met a 21-year old talented John Kamau from the Eastland estate of Dandora who was busy painting zebra-like figures on the ever-busy roads of Nairobi CBD. After a three hour cumbersome activity, we could not believe our eyes from the outcome of the striking beauty.

Many graffiti artists have painted the previously jungle green litter bins in Nairobi to beautiful work of art. “All this comes in a bid to make the city attractive and attract tourists,” says the artists.

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