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Azziad Nasenya forced to defend herself after being accused of trash talking Edgar Obare

Famous TikTok star Azziad Nasenya was forced to clear her name after Edgar Obare’s fans accused her of slandering the blogger’s name.

This came a day after Azziad Nasenya asked Edgar Obare for a favour in helping her advertise her recent award nominations for the best TikTok star in Kenya on his Instagram stories.

The blogger had put up Azziad Nasenya’s post before his fans came down at him, claiming that she was busy trash-talking him during the period that fake DCI officers arrested him.

However, nobody had sufficient evidence to prove it, forcing Edgar ers arrested him.Obare to start an investigation.

Azziad Nasenya boldly defended her name, saying that the accusations were pure fabricated lies by her haters.

Azziad insisted that she has never spoken on any of Edgar Obare’s situations before on her stories or with anyone privately.

“That is a lie. I have never talked about you on any of my posts or engaged with anyone on any topic concerning you in my dm.” Said Azziad.

According to miss Nasenya, one of the fake Instagram accounts opened under her name might have spoken negatively about Edgar Obare without her knowledge.

She insisted that the one who accused her of providing real evidence instead of ruining her reputation over mere speculations.

Azziad Nasenya spoke of her own cyberbullying experience and stated that she would never intentionally spoil anyone’s name or even comment on any trending topics as she does not want anyone else to go through what she did.

She further revealed how several Kenyans had been conned on social media by fraudsters using her name unknowingly.

“I avoid drama by minding my own business. I don’t give any opinion regarding trending topics whatsoever. I just wish this person would have confirmed this claim for you to verify it was me and from this account when you posted. ” she said.

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