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Azziad Nasenya discloses why she charges expensively to market content

Kenya’s Most popular young content creator Azziad Nasenya has finally disclosed the reason why you will have to part with a huge amount of money for her to market your content.

The budding actress gained massive popularity earlier this year due to her impressive dance for the viral ‘utawezana’ song. Since then, she started charging any artist who wished her to market their content through her social media platforms.

A few months ago, however, Azziad Nasenya received a lot of backlash from social media after her official rate card leaked to the internet.

The rate card showed that Azziad Nasenya charged up to 100,000 Kenya shillings per post upload and 500,000 for a weekly promotion, which was an overcharge according to many.
Several Kenyans insisted that Azziad Nasenya was overhyping her celebrity status claiming that she had not reached the level she was putting herself in.

Azziad Nasenya defended her rate card in a recent interview with Yvonne Okwara on Citizen TV.

Why Azziad Nasenya rate card is expensive

According to the talented content creator, she spends a lot of time and effort in creating content for her clients, which has to reflect on the payment.

In addition to this, Azziad Nasenya stated that her followership on social media is so high and that anyone who wishes to engage her fans has to part with a good amount of money.

She further made it clear that creating content on a daily basis can turn out to be very expensive; from purchasing a high-end phone to quality video shooting products.

Azziad Nasenya highlighted that her electricity bill is always high because she uses a phone ring light for better lighting and thus her rate card charges help offset some of these expenses.

ā€œA ring light consumes a lot of electricity. IĀ  reach millions of people in one month and my pages have an impressive engagement,ā€ Azziad said.

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