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All for clout! Bahati and Diana Marua stage break-up to promote song

Controversial musician Bahati and his wife Diana Marua have managed to fool Kenyans on social media over the past few days by perfectly staging a break-up days after their anniversary.

However, as many fans had predicted, the social media couple did all that in order to gain attention for the release of Bahati’s latest song ‘mtaachana tu’ which premiered on Youtube at 12 am today.

The song featured Diana Marua as the model and it showed the couple growing old together despite people’s negative opinions about their relationship.

The break-up rumours were initiated by Diana Marua who unfollowed her husband on social media and deleted all their photos together.

The mother of two even changed her name from Diana Bahati to Miss Dee and claimed to be going through tough times.

Diana further threatened to move out of Bahati’s house and went to social media to look for a suitable apartment in Kilimani.

As the saga unfolded, Bahati had moved out of Nairobi for a breather and shifted his focus to his ex and baby mama Yvette Obura and daughter Mueni. The ‘wanani’ hitmaker also went to social media to claim that his heart was broken and that he was moving to the next one.

Going on Instagram, Bahati confessed his love for his wife and promised to be by her side forever unlike what many people thought.

He further poured his heart on his new song, where he said that he will disappoint all those who wished for the death of his marriage like Diamond Platnumz’ and Zari’s. According to Bahati, he will not let any other woman swoop in and enjoy the wealth he had struggled to build with his wife.

“This is a song for you Diana. I will forever love you.” wrote Bahati.

The song ‘mtaachana tu‘ is already a massive hit, having amassed up to 100,000views within the first hour of its release.

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