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Bahati exposed for not fulfilling promise to help upcoming musician

On 13th May 2021, an upcoming artist named Kevin Mbuvi Kioko made headlines after he was spotted holding a placard in the streets begging for musician Bahati’s help with his music career.

The artist claimed he was a huge fan of the ‘take it slow’ singer and referred to him as his role model.

Bahati was moved by the humble musician’s plea and promised to help him record two songs.

However, since the ‘take it slow’ singer had already shut down his famous music label EMB, he was to cater for the pricing of whichever studio Mbuvi chose.

Today, the young man contacted Nairobi gossip club blog, where he exposed Bahati for not coming through with his promise.

The artist mentioned that Bahati had promised to pay for three song records, which he never has till date.

He compared his situation to that of Tahidi high Omosh, claiming that the entertainer was in a much better place because he at least received help from the wellwishers who promised to get him back to his feet.

Mbuvi is currently disappointed since Bahati was to help him kickstart his music career.

Since highlighting his plea, he says he has been waiting for Bahati to reach out to him, which has not happened.

The young artist had written his number down on the placard where he was asking for help.

He has appealed to Kenyans to help him contact Bahati so he could know the way forward with their arrangements.

“I am asking for help concerning my story with Bahati. Bahati promised to help me but it was a scam. Ever since I came forward saying I was in studio, I have never heard from him and I don’t know how his plan to help me produce my songs went. I’m still waiting. It’s better Omosh who received the things he was promised,” he wrote.


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