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“I’m not sorry.” Bahati refuses to apologize to fans for staging a fake breakup

Famous hit song maker Bahati has adamantly refused to apologize to his fans for duping them with a fake breakup between him and his wife for days.

Despite several fans bashing him for the cheap publicity stunt, Bahati made it clear that he will not be sorry for not breaking up with his loving wife, Diana Marua.

Through a video he released on social media earlier today, the artist spoke of all the haters showering him with insults on social media pages and told them to get something to make themselves busy with instead of worrying about his marriage life.

The ‘wataachana tu’ hitmaker further informed the men who wished for his downfall that his wife Diana Marua is very expensive and that none of them would be able to give her the life she desires.

“I am not story to every hater outside there. You want me to be sorry for breaking up with my wife, are you crazy? Utashinda kwa page yangu unaleta matusi Ju hatukubreakup? Get a life my guy. You wanted us to break up, then what? When I give you Diana, will you be able to maintain hherer? Do you know how expensive she is? Get out of my page bana.” Said an unapologetic Bahati.

On the other hand, Diana Marua made her haters know that the song they released, ‘mtaachana tu,’ was a dedication to those who wished to see the couple break up.

She revealed that her husband Bahati had been planning to execute this staged breakup ever since February this year when he recorded the song’s audio.

Diana Marua even acknowledged the new nicknames given to them by netizens, Mr and Mrs kiki, and said that they have no apologies for their actions.

In fact, Diana was very proud of her husband, who she praised for always executing his dreams as he planned.

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