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Musician Bahati pleads with president Uhuru to end Nationwide curfew

Celebrated Gospel musician Bahati has today pleaded with president Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta to end the Nationwide curfew.

Bahati penned a long letter on social media, where he spoke on behalf of artists and other people in the creative industry.

According to the singer, many musicians were highly dependent on the money they got from show performances to feed their families.

This is currently impossible as huge gatherings are banned to avoid huge health catastrophes.

The musician highlighted that artists also need to pay school fees as schools are almost resuming, which has become very hard for many.

In his post, Bahati did not fail to remind the president that they did not get the stipulated money for artists.

Almost eight months after president Uhuru disbursed 100 million shillings to be given to artists who have not been getting the MCSK paychecks, the artists are still yet to receive their dues.

The ‘wanani’ hitmaker went ahead to say that his message to the president was not meant as a pr stunt and that creatives desperately need this curfew lifted. He clarified the matter since many Kenyans have doubted Bahati ever since he pulled his nationwide breakup prank.

Bahati insisted that musicians also have families that are highly dependent on them, and the extension of the curfew would do nothing but kill their careers, which they have struggled to build for many years.

“Dear Mr President;
Happy New Year… This is 2021; No PR No Stunts No Kikis… Just to Let You Know that this Musicians are Someones Husbands, Wifes, Dads and Mums. Yes ,we have People Who Fully Depend on us and We Have employees too. Your Excellency I dont Know if in Your Cabinet theres anyone Who Cares about The Creative Industry; the Djs, Event organizers or anything Concerning the Entertainment Industry… But if You keep Locking Down the Economy and Limiting Events that We fully Depend on thats SIMPLY KILLING OUR CAREERS!!!”

Bahati’s message came a few hours after President Uhuru issued a directive to extend the nationwide curfew and ban of social events. The new curfew deadline has been pushed to 12th March 2021.

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