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Benpol files for divorce from Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai

Celebrated Tanzanian musician Benard Michael Paul Mnyang’anga alias Benpol has reportedly began filing for a divorce from his Kenyan wife, Anerlisa Muigai, ten months after their secret wedding in Daresalaam, Tanzania.

According to a statement posted by Tanzanian blogger Millard Ayo on Instagram, Benpol initiated the divorce process in a court in Mwanzo, Daresalaam, Tanzania.

The reason why the envied marriage is ending remains a mystery as both Anerlisa and Benpol have remained silent regarding the issue.

Benpol married Anerlisa at the end of May 2020 at St.Gaspar Catholic Church, located in Mbezi Beach, Tanzania.The couple only invited close fríends and family members to witness their union.

They, however, shared photos of the lovely event on their social media weeks after it was over.

The celebrated singer got engaged to Anerlisa in April 2019, a year after they started dating.

The two met when Anerlisa contracted Benpol for a gig to promote her Nero water company.

Anerlisa Muigai pregnant

Anerlisa Muigai recently disclosed that she is expecting her first child with soon-to-be ex-husband Benpol.

On March 28th, she shared a lovely video caressing her growing baby bump and captioned it ‘how I feel today’.

She first hinted that she was expectant in late February when she shared a video visiting Nairobi hospital accompanied by her mum.

She stated that she had received fantastic news from the doctor and was feeling blessed. She subsequently posted another video depicting pregnancy symptoms and stages.

Not every time you go to the hospítal is bad news. God is good is all I can say new hair. Feelíng blessed with my mum in NH,” wrote Anerlisa.

Anerlisa deletes husband’s photos

Trouble in the short-lived marriage might have begun months before the divorce was filed.

At the end of March earlíer this year, 33-year-old Anerlisa removed her husband’s surname on her Instagram profile and proceeded to delete all photos she had of him.

This was barely three months after Anerlisa was featured as a vixen in Benpol’s song ‘walimwengu’.

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