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Betty Bayo fans open prayer whatsapp group for singer to get a husband

Kikuyu celebrated gospel singer Betty Bayo has been moved to tears after finding out that her loyal fans have decided to join her in her quest of looking for a husband.

Speaking on her Facebook account, Betty Bayo shared a picture of the said Whatsapp group which has been named, ‘praying for Bayo future husband.’

One of the Whatsapp group members named Ciku, indicated that they will be praying for the singer until something happens.

Betty Bayo has been in dire search for a husband ever since breaking up with controversial 310 pastor, Kanyari who she sired two children with.

The singer was incredibly moved by her fans, and she was glad to have prayer warriors by her side.

She thanked her fans who proved that they did not only follow her for gossip but for prayers too.

Betty Bayo termed her situation as desperate times, which she stated needed desperate measures.

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When Joseph was still in prison his agamate were still out there progressing ,they graduated they married they prospered but here Joseph life was stagnated making no progress 7yrs and to make the matter worse he dint know WHEN or HOW he will come out of prison . His case was no with the chief it's was with potiphar of Egypt . trying to molest Potiphar's wife was to be life sentence it's was what we Called hopeless situation ., bearing in mind he was flamed the torture was real. TO MEN it's was prison to God it's was A university of excellent. I pray for anybody here who feels they are not progressing and like life is not making sense .When your time come no prison will hold you ,no witchcraft or wizard will contain u and you will not go back to you normal life and start again ,Divine promotion will be your portion in Jesus name #canpreach #groudedinthe word #Godofpromotion #Godhasmademesmile

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According to the singer, God is sure to answer her prayers now that her supporters are backing her.

“This one has moved me to tears aki. The blessing of having Facebook fans who are prayer warriors. Who not only read and forward your post for gossip but can forward someone to God in prayer. Am sure with your prayers sasa lazima Mungu atatenda. My marriage is our marriage.” Said Betty Bayo.

Betty Bayo recently posted qualifications of the man she would want in her life and even urged her male fans to slide in her DMs to try their luck.

The Kikuyu songstress emphasized that she will only settle with a divorced man or a single dad, who already has his divorce papers in hand.

Additionally, she wanted her future man to be well vast in English and God-fearing.

She also asked God to give him a man with a beard who doesn’t live in his mother’s house like her ex pastor Kanyari.

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PRAYER FOR MY FUTURE HUSBAND. TO my future husband I know you are alive all grown up with beared and ofcourse your not in your mother's house. I already know that your are HE since me am straight In the mighty name of Jesus I disconnect you from every unGodly relationship that is making you comfortable not to look for me , i diconnect you from all generation curses that want to waste youthhood . I pray God to give you peace from your ex Coz I don't want dramas also God to give you courage to seek forgiveness from any woman you have ever hurt out of foolishness or intentional coz I don't want her tears to affect our new marriage.. . In case you have debt I pray God to sort you in advance before we meet coz we need to concentrate and enjoy our union . I also pray for both our past PARTINER to accept our decesion and also God to remembers them . I I pray God to heal you all the wounds from your past relationship as he heal mine since you dint leave our past relationship out of fun. I pray that you will not be intimated by my celebrity status or the house I bought with mizizi africa homes all is vanity.come baby come we build a home , …kaba kiriko kiega ngukira kiambiriria…. Allocate me now by fire in Jesus name amen. Your future wife is waiting

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