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Blogger claims Tanasha Donna has threatened to send him goons

One scared blogger and Youtuber by the name Ciem Guru has today released a video where he claims that pop singer Tanasha Donna has threatened to send him goons over a disagreement with the video content Ciem uploaded regarding Tanasha.

Speaking from his apartment, the Youtuber disclosed that Tanasha asked him to pull down youtube videos of their interview, which happened two weeks ago. Failure to this, he revealed that the ‘gere’ hitmaker threatened to send him goons.

According to Ciem Guru, Tanasha Donna claimed to have close ties with the CID, who she said will get to the blogger’s house if he fails to comply with her request.

The Youtuber went on saying how his life is in real danger over the content on his youtube channel, which he has still not pulled down, and claimed that it has left him scared of even leaving his house.

“I was threatened by Tanasha Donna. I remember that day ilikua usiku akanicall akaniambia please pull down that content or I’ll send you goons na nko na maconnection na CID wakuje kwako. Leo hii nko apa kuambia Wakenya maisha yangu iko at risk, sijui nini itanitokezea. Naogopa, inabidi hata nyumba yangu nmefunga na padlock.” narrated Ciem Guru.

The Youtube videos that the content creator Ciem Guru claimed to have been instructed to pull down, entailed an interview where Tanasha talks about her life i.e., things she can’t live without, and East African artists she ranks to be the top 10.

In her list of top East African songs, the songstress started with her song ft county 001’s Masauti liar and also acknowledged a song by her ex Diamond Platnumz ft Zuchu, cheche.

The couple who bore one son together, are still not in speaking terms. As revealed by Tanasha Donna in a past interview with Tuko, the baby daddy does not step up for his fatherly duties, leaving her to take care of their son Naseeb Junior alone.

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