Can your boyfriend even? Peter Miracle baby begs girlfriend to come back home after walking out on him


Peter Miracle baby must be in his early 20’s and last time we checked – he was a father of many and was fully committed to one girlfriend – who he refers to as his wife.

Peter miracle baby from Sailors gang

Well despite the young love – it appears that Miracle baby and lover have been facing some issues that pushed girlfriend to walk out on him – leaving him lonely and confused.

The breakup was made public by Miracle baby himself following the emotional post he shared on his page begging his wifey to come back home. From what he wrote looks like even bad boys do fall in love and they too – can hurt. Starting off the post, Peter praised his lady for being his center of direction; always available to redirect him when he goes wrong. He wrote;

Nitaongea ukweli umenikalia saana saaana umenifungia saana ady sipati time na maarif wangu. nikidu kitu ya ufala wewe hunikelelesha Kama mtoto mdogo lakini wacha nikuambie kitu moooja; na uniskize kwa makini siku yenye utawai badilisha kuduu ivo wee hunidu tutakosana na nitakusema kwa mum.

Miracle baby a simp?

Just when you thought he wouldn’t get any more Lovy dovy – the gengetone singer goes on to compare the young lady to his mum (probably baby’s him a lot) and the wife he always prayed for.

I know the post may have left him looking like a simp lol but it also earned him some points with the female fans – who might be sliding in his DM while his bae is away back at her parents. No?

Anyway, to conclude his post Miracle baby went on to write;

Miracle baby’s baby

Nimezunguka Dunia sijawai pata mwenye atanipatia favor yenye umenipea beb. nakupenda coz you are two in one una represent my mum na my wife at the same time I love you and am missing you rudi nyumbani toto…💍

New year new problems?

The post however comes 25 days after Peter Miracle baby shared another cuddly post with the same girlfriend on New Years. To begin the year together – he wrote;

Peter Miracle baby with bae

  We thank God for life ..365/365 I thank God that we are still together and you’ve never abandoned me we’ve been in a lot but if I am asked I would always choose you ,I love you wifey

And barely a month into the month and the love birds are already facing issues.

Wait, this could also be him creating hype for a new song, especially with all the attention Sailors has lately been getting on social media.

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