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Celebrities call out Kabi Wajesus for previously denying daughter he sired with cousin

Several celebrities have been angered by Youtuber Kabi Wajesus, who months ago denied having impregnated and sired a child with his cousin, Ciku.

DNA tests conducted by a government hospital and released on May 5th forced Kabi Wajesus to admit fathering his 7-year-old daughter Abby.

In a lengthy social media post, Kabi Wajesus apologised to his friends and fans for lying about not being Abby’s father.

Celebrities reactions

Content creator Shornarwa termed Kabi Wajesus’ actions as ‘disgusting and pathetic’.

She claimed that it would be very traumatising for the child to discover in the future that her father denied her publicly.

Shornarwa asked Kabi Wajesus to stop blaming the devil for his actions but rather accept that it was his ‘irresponsibility and incest’.

Former BBC journalist Makena Njeri praised Kabi Wajesus’ cousin Ruth who leaked the story and helped baby Abby get justice.

Independent presenter Carolina Carlz claimed that Kabi Wajesus could have saved his reputation by accepting responsibility immediately he was called out; rather than dragging the issue for months when he knew what the outcome of the DNA test would be.

She asked Kabi Wajesus to do a genuine apology, ‘one that his daughter would see in the future and feel accepted and loved.’

Blogger Edgar Obare, who brought the story to light, urged Kenyans to start a petition to stop Kabi and Milly from using the name ‘Wajesus’.

He claimed that the couple was making a mockery of the Christian faith.

Kabi wajesus cousin child

Milly Wajesus reaction

Kabi’s wife Milly Wajesus took to her Instagram account today, revealing that it has not been easy accepting the news.

She, however, claimed that she would help her husband in supporting his firstborn daughter.

“We all have a past, and sometimes it’s tough and hard to understand. But I am a mother and know a child needs love and support from the parents. As a mother, I’ll do all I can to assist my husband to support Abby and make sure she’s integrated with our family,” wrote Milly.

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