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Chebet Ronoh fires back at ex-friends who claimed she wets her bed while asleep

The information came to light through YouTubers; Chrisbel Kirai and Peter Louche who claimed they were former Ronoh’s roommates.

According to the two, when quizzed, Ronoh would either attribute the condition to consumption of alcohol or diabetes.

“It can’t be diabetes cause the only time we saw you consume pills were ones to help relieve constipation,” remarked Louche.

The two went further to explain how they would help her clean herself in an effort to save her image, however, Ronoh would not appreciate their efforts.

What was initially thought to be a normal issue between roommates has now transitioned into something much more sinister after the former NRG radio host claimed the two were not her roommates but a sponger.

A sponger is a person who lives off other people by continually taking advantage of their generosity. According to Ronoh, the two were living in her house.

“I asked them to leave and the next thing I’m in a video. Please save yourself from manipulative people,” revealed Ronoh through a series of tweets.

A year ago, Ronoh walked out of a TV interview with Dr King’ori citing anxiety attacks. In the show, she revealed her loyalty and trust were betrayed by a close friend she offered to house for three months only for them to go behind her back and tarnished her name.

“I have paid rent for three months for a friend. And it was bad because he is the one who went behind my back saying horrible things. I just accepted I clowned and I took the clown uniform and wore it,” she said. Was she talking about Louche? Only they know.

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