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“Accept you failed as a father.” Jemutai claps back at Professor Hamo

Churchill comedian Jemutai has been angered by the statement professor Hamo’s released this morning. He denied the fact that he has not been providing for their two children Jeremy and Kaylee.

Speaking to her 870,000 Facebook followers, Jemutai noted that the last time Professor Hamo visited his children was in October 2020.

Since then, the comedian refused to pick her calls, provide for them, or even pay their house rent.

Jemutai disclosed that she only received ksh 4000 from Hamo’s first wife to cater for her children’s medical and food bills.

It was only until Prof Hamo was exposed two days ago that he sent Jemutai another sh 5000.

Comedian Jemutai went on to reveal that Hamo visited her house four times in the middle of the night since last year October, being dead drunk.

She accused him of being violent, saying that she has a recording to confirm her allegations.

Jemutai finished by asking her baby daddy to stop lying to the public and accept that he failed as a father.

“The last time Hamo paid rent was last year October, and from then, he refused to pick the caretaker calls. The man shows up bila ata maziwa, the only time he came with something was his last visit, and he came with two oreos,” narrated Jemutai.

Two days ago, Jemutai contacted blogger Edgar Obare wishing to sell her Facebook account for 1.7 million shillings.

The comedian needed cash for her basic needs and to settle her accumulating rent arrears.

In a long recording, she opened up about her relationship challenges and struggle to raise her children alone.

Hamo’s statement

Herman Kago, known by his stage name Professor Hamo, spoke for the first time concerning the deadbeat accusations laid on him.

The comedian, who has another wife living in Nakuru, denied everything. He said that he ensures all his children’s needs are taken care of.

Hamo blamed the challenges brought by the pandemic for not being able to give his children a more comfortable lifestyle.

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