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Citizen TV actress speaks on divorce after 16-year marriage

Popular actress Sophia Muhia, commonly known as Maria in the citizen TV hit show, Mother-in-law, has opened up about her divorce, which came after 18 years of marriage.

Maria, who was speaking in a recent interview, explained that her marriage hit the rocks upon the realization that she was expecting her third child.

She disclosed that she got married at the age of 19 and had her first baby at 21 years, the second 3 years later at 24, and her last born when she was 33 years old.

“When I got expectant with my last born, my ex-husband began behaving unusually. He told me to raise the child with whoever told me to have a third child. I thought the 9-year gap between the second and third born put him off and that he would come back after I gave birth,” she narrated.

Unfortunately for the renowned actress, her husband had taken off for good, and she was to raise the baby on her own as he had said.

The mother of three was prompted to start life as she also lost her house in Nairobi’s Komarock Estate because she got into debt.

She also opened up about how the Covid-19 pandemic had made her life harder after her revenue sources were affected by government directives on gatherings and public events.

Sophia said that Mother-in-law was scheduled to resume shooting, but the third wave of the pandemic canceled the plans.

“Even a simple set involving Mustapha and me requires camera operators, boom mic operators, people to do the lighting and also make-up artist, which forms a crowd,” she added.

She also expressed her frustration with the high unemployment rate in the country, citing her children, who were still struggling to get jobs.

According to Sophia, who has two jobless graduate children, said that children get depressed seeing how much parents sacrifice to educate them, only to finish school and stay at home unemployed.

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