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Citizen Tv series Maria to return for season two

Rashid Abdalla, Citizen TV presenter and Maria show producer, has assured fans that the family drama series will be returning for a seconď season.

As the show was wrapping up season one, Rashid Abdalla made a speech where he thanked the actors for bringing their A-game in the show and added that the 25 episodes that have passed were only the beginning.

Rashid Abdalla co-owns Jiffy Pictures with his wife Lulu Hassan, the company which produced ‘Maria’ and the brand new Tv series ‘Zora’.

They promised their fans that the beloved show ‘Maria’ will return as long as they are alive and remain on air.

However, they asked for time to regroup and come up with a great storyline.

“I know many of you knew that this was the year Maria was coming to an end. I want to say that many of you as actors have done more than 25 episodes, but to me, as Jiffy Pictures Production, I am only counting the first season. I promise you there will be a second season of the show at Royal media services. So allow us to go sit down and perfect the storyline. But you can be sure of one thing, as long as we are alive and on-air, we will be bringing season two of the show back to your screens,” said Rashid.

Rashid’s new show, ‘Zora’, which features super talented actress Sarah Hassan, received backlash from netizens as soon as the first episode aired.

Many thought that the show contained too many adult details and thus not suitable for being a family show.

Others insisted I was not as interesting as Maria.

One of Maria actor’s Luwi, has revealed that he will be embarking on investigative journalism now that the show is no more. The actor is excited that he will be working close with Lulu and Rashid at Citizen TV.

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