Home Entertainment Somali comedian Nasra Yusuf gets engaged to Swahili boyfriend Rashid

Somali comedian Nasra Yusuf gets engaged to Swahili boyfriend Rashid

Churchill comedian Nasra Yusuf has finally gotten engaged to her long-term boyfriend Rashid bin Abdallah, an actor and entertainer.

The 26-year-old posted a video of the engagement ceremony on her Instagram account early this morning, accompanying it with a sweet message;

Rashid planned the proposal surprise at his house with the help of one of his friends Faruq.

They arranged a romantic setup and dorned it with red flowers from the doorstep to the living room where he had a cake with the words ‘Babe, will you marry me? ” written on it.

Additionally, Rashid wrote the words I love You with the flowers and placed an engagement ring at the center.

He called Nasra to visit him and covered her eyes as she entered his house.

Rashid then went on his knees and surprised Nasra by professing his love for her while asking her to be his wife. Nasra was taken aback and could not help shedding tears at her boyfriend’s proposal.

She said yes, and they held each other in a tight embrace for a while.

The proposal

Director Rashid was very nervous at the beginning of the proposal that he pointed the engagement ring at himself instead of Nasra.

It took him a minute to realise his mistake, but he corrected it, and the rest was a breeze.

“She said yes, Nasra Yusuf. I always tell you that I have never loved anyone more than I love you. Kwa vile mi nikiwa na wewe mimi huwa na raha. Nataka hii raha niipate for the rest of my life” wrote director Rashid on his social media accounts.

Where did comedian Nasra meet Rashid?

The two met during Churchill show’s Top comic auditions three years ago and have been dating ever since.

In a past interview with Jalang’o on ‘Bonga na Jalas,’ Nasra revealed that it was love at first sight for the two comedians.

Even though the two were auditioning for a job, Nasra disclosed that Rashid’s sole focus was on trying to get her number.

The two currently host a prank Youtube series for couples, and you can’t help falling in love with their on-screen chemistry.

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