Comedian Njoro on why he is glad his wife left him


Churchill comedian Njoro has gone through a rough patch as he underwent depression and battled with alcohol abuse.

The talented comedian revealed that his wife abandoned him as he was going through his storm. He, however, claimed that he is glad that she chose to leave him.

According to Njoro, he had put his wife and three kids through hell as he underwent his difficult drinking phase.

He further revealed that his family would rarely see him as he would only come home at 5 AM, shower, and then leave again.

Njoro regrets he did not care for his family and did not care what his children ate. He also revealed that he would get violent towards them whenever he was drunk.

According to the comedian, his wife did well to leave him. However, despite not going after her, his condition worsened.

The funnyman revealed that his drinking problem worsened after his family left. He was not eating, yet he was drinking excessively and harming his health.

Churchill comedian Njoro opens up about depression and attempting suicide thrice
Comedians Zeddy (Left) and Njoro share a light moment at his Nakuru home on July 20, 2020

My family saved me.

Njoro recounted how his family saved him from the jaws of depression and excessive drinking.

According to him, he was out drinking as usual when his family raided his house. The watchman at his place alerted him that people were taking his things from his home.

Njoro explained that at the moment, he did not care and did not bother going to his house to find out. His family transported his things from Nairobi to Nakuru, and it took them two trips to carry everything.

They then went to the bar and got Njoro, leaving with him at 8 PM.

According to the comedian, his family hid his car keys from him to prevent him from leaving. However, he went to a local and drunk.

Later on, his mother told him to take her somewhere. Unknowingly, he found himself at the doctor who examined him and gave him some drugs.

When his family took Njoro to rehab, his wife visited him. The comedian claimed he was ashamed of his actions and did not even know how to apologize. When he saw his kids while at the rehab, he felt as if he had failed them.

Njoro has since reconciled with his wife, and they are working on their relationship.

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