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Corazon Kwamboka angry at Wema Sepetu for using her videos to promote weightloss products

Gym enthusiast Corazon Kwamboka has expressed her displeasure with former miss Tanzania for using her video to promote weight loss and enhancement pills.

Wema uploaded the video on June 20th, and immediately, one of Corazon’s fans rushed to inform her that her image was being wrongly used.

Corazon, who neither uses figure enhancers or weight supplements, thanked the fan and remarked that it was weird for a celebrity to do that.

“Wema Sepetu stole your video and is posting some advert with it. Tell her its wrong,” the concerned fan wrote.

To which miss Kwamboka replied,

“Thanks for letting me know. Its very weird when people do that, and a whole celebrity at that?”

It is common to see various small-scale online business owners using photos of curvy celebrities to promote their products; however, it is embarrassing for a celebrity to use the same tactic.

A few fans thought it was disrespectful to insinuate that Corazon Kwamboka’s body was not natural.

Others urged the mother of one to sue Wema Sepetu for misusing her image.

Several Kenyans bashed Wema Sepetu for posting the advertisement that she was forced to close her comment section.

Fathers day

Corazon Kwamboka wrote an emotional message to celebrate her baby daddy Frankie JustGymit on Father’s day. A

She commended Frankie for being a great dad, especially since he ensured she was well cared for as a first-time mom.

Corazon recalled how clueless she was when she gave birth and thanked Frankie for helping her latch her baby.

She mentioned that she has very high expectations for fathers and that Frankie has never fallen short.

The couple is blessed with one son, Taiyari Kiarie.

Franke Justgymit has also fathered two other boys, Lexxy and Kyle, with influencer Maureen Waititu.

The two broke up one and a half years ago owing to irreconcilable differences.

In a bitter online rant, Maureen disclosed that Frankie was flirting with Corazon even when they were together. She also stated that Frankie had gotten tired of their relationship.

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