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Lady who accused Tanasha Donna of failing to pay makeup artist releases evidence

Former Ebru Tv presenter Dana de Grazia recently accused pop singer Tanasha Donna of failing to pay the makeup artist she worked with in her latest song, ‘Kalypso’ featuring Khaligraph Jones.

Evidence against Tanasha released

Earlier today, she released evidence of videos showing Tanasha Donna working with the said makeup artist together with screenshots of the conversations between Miss Donna’s manager and the glam artist.

The evidence showed that the lady worked with the ‘gere’ hitmaker last year in November; however, since then, she tried to get her payment in vain.

Tanasha’s manager took the lady in circles each time she asked for her cash until about three weeks ago when the makeup artist eventually gave up and asked her close friend Dana Grazia for help.

“Sylvia has been my good friend for years. She asked me to speak about the issue somewhere because I have a bigger platform than her. It’s likely if she had tried to do this herself, she wouldn’t have been heard, “said Dana Grazia.

Dana was very vocal about the issue since she is the one who introduced Sylvia Zena to Tanasha’s manager Ciza.

Dana Grazia came out with the accusations during an episode of Eric Omondi’s show ‘The Loo.’

She said that she had no hard feelings for Tanasha Donna and that it was not her intent to tarnish Tanasha’s name.

However, she was very bitter with Tanasha for refusing to pay her dues.

“Tanasha owes my close friend a lot of cash from her last music video. She should pay people for labour. My friend has been trying to get her cash for a long time. She’s so wealthy; why doesn’t she pay people for labour?” asked miss Grazia.

The video was uploaded on Eric Omondi’s page, however, within a few hours, Tanasha asked him to pull it down.

She promised to address the issue, but she has since been silent.

This is the second time that Tanasha has been exposed for withholding payment.

Last year, an online vendor revealed that the singer refused to pay her for outfits worth 21,500 shillings.

“She agreed to pay the cost of the outfits till now! Nothing! It’s been almost two years now.
Shez a joke!!” yelled the vendor.

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