Home Entertainment Journalist Dennis Okari pens sweet message to wife on 2nd wedding anniversary

Journalist Dennis Okari pens sweet message to wife on 2nd wedding anniversary

Famous NTV investigative journalist Dennis Okari and his wife Naomi Joy are today celebrating their wedding anniversary, two years after their colourful church wedding in 2019.

Okari took to his Instagram, where he penned a sweet message for his beautiful wife, celebrating the time they have spent together.

In his message, Okari referred to Naomi as the best gift God gave him, adding that she has been his shoulder to lean on when he was in low spirits.

He praised his wife’s kindness, stating that he would love nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with her.

“It hardly feels like two years. I still marvel at every waking moment. Happy aniversary to my best friend, soulmate, my dream come true, my shoulder to lean on. I love you, cherish you and cheers to another milestone my always and forever” wrote Okari.

Apart from his wedding anniversary, Okari was also celebrating his birthday today. His actual age remains unknown; however, it is reported that he is in his mid-thirties.

Dennis Okari and Naomi Joy got married at an invite-only church wedding three years after he separated from his ex Betty Kyallo.

His previous wedding lasted only six months before Betty Kyallo walked out with her young daughter Ivanna.

In a past interview, Betty Kyallo revealed that Okari did not fight to keep their marriage like she expected him to.

However, Betty was happy when Okari moved on and wished him the best in his current marriage.

“I wish nothing but the best for Dennis and his new bride. Because I moved on with my life since my divorce and I’ve managed to find happiness again. I wouldn’t want him to be still affected by our separation but be able to move on and find happiness as I did,” Kyallo said during the interview.

After their separation, Dennis Okari disclosed that he disapproved of Betty’s parenting methods.

He was highly against Ivanna being exposed to the public eye through social media.

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