Home Entertainment Netizens mock Tanasha Donna after Diamond snubs her kiss on stage

Netizens mock Tanasha Donna after Diamond snubs her kiss on stage

Pop singer Tanasha Donna has been subjected to online mockery after a video surfaced on social media showing her ex Diamond Platnumz ignore her kiss advances on stage.

The duo had just performed their hit collaboration ‘gere’ at Wasafi’s preparty over the Weekend when Tanasha Donna leaned in to kiss her baby daddy.

Diamond Platnumz ignored the kiss and looked elsewhere, leaving Tanasha embarrassed in front of hundreds of Wasafi followers.

Disappointed Kenyan netizens took to Instagram where they trolled Tanasha Donna, terming her moves ‘desperate.’

They advised her to come back to Kenya instead of making a fool of herself by trying to reignite her relationship with Platnumz.

Many said that Diamond Platnumz would break Tanasha’s heart just as he did before.

@Rennietravis It is her face for me after the disappointment!

@G.vannie Iyo curve ya Diamond Platnumz inashinda ya Bruno ya jana.

@Jaynaj Hadi nimefeel deep down in my soul.

@I.am.david Worse than a heartbreak.

@Aaliyah So our girl Tanasha Donna is still in love. She never learned anything, nkt! Why keep on loving someone who doesn’t love you. Kujiforce tu.

@Maurrcn Waende wasaidiane na Majimbo kutafta dignity.

@Tukicaramel Wooi alibaki kubusu hewa.

@Mosemdogo Tanasha akijua watu wameona hii video she will never recover.

@Gakii Wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy—Aki si arudi Kenya tu.

Tanasha Donna and her ex delivered a very steamy performance for their fans at the party.

Since both are single, they could not hide their feelings as they danced romantically on stage.

The Wasafi CEO could not keep his hands off his baby mama and continued partying with her even after the performance.

Several people are hoping that the couple gets back together after noticing the deep chemistry between the two.

Tanasha Donna is residing at Diamond’s vast mansion while visiting Tanzania.

Romy Jones, Diamond’s younger brother, disclosed that the couple is sleeping in the same room. Speaking on his Instagram, he said that he had received a video of Tanasha Donna making Diamond’s bed in the morning.

Her mother-in-law, mama Dangote, met and spent time with both miss Donna and her grandson Naseeb Junior.

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