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Diana Marua records a song for the first time and Bahati can’t stop laughing

At the beginning of February, former gospel musician Bahati and his wife Diana Marua made a pact to give each other 14 gifts before valentines day on February 14th.

On 9th February, Bahati insisted that he wants Diana to do a cover of his latest song with Tanasha Donna ‘one and only’ for his gift.

He took his wife to the studio to record the song in front of Bahati’s producers and friends.

Sadly, Diana Marua is not as talented as her hubby, so the whole studio burst out laughing at her untrained vocals immediately she started singing.

Her husband Bahati followed suit and ended up on the floor trying to catch his breath.

Diana Marua was as confident as ever while she sang her heart away at the microphone and did not stop even when everyone was cracking up.

At the end of the song she hilariously said that she will shoot a video over her recording.

Everyone in the studio was then asked to vote on how Diana sounded. They all gave her a thumbs down saying the vocals were a miss.

Surprisingly, many fans were proud of Diana Marua’s studio session and congratulated her for doing well since it was her first time.

Below are some of the reactions.

@ChrisOtee By the way hakuna mtu ako na talent hapo hio studio kuliko Diana! She needs very minimal instruction in the right direction, and she will be releasing hits out here full time!

@lyn Honestly her voice is nice, just some extra practise on her vocals; otherwise, I won’t give her a no because she tried.

@Khaemba Goo Dee. Who even can do that on the first take without even practise. You nailed it queen of Jerusalema, an usiambiwe kitu.

@Lavie C’mon dawling, keep trying you the best. Hata mimi nilianza hivo wakanicheka.

The song cover and the studio session videos have been uploaded on Youtube.

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