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Dj Creme de la Creme finally allowed to visit United States after 6-year ban

Top Kenyan Dj George Njuguna, popularly known as Creme Del a Creme, is finally able to travel to the United States six years after being deported and banned from visiting the country.

The Dj shared the exciting news with his diaspora fans through his Instagram stories, revealing that he is already making arrangements to tour the country for a second time.

Dj Creme shared a photo showing his cancelled visa while celebrating the good news.

“So six years ago, I got banned from the USA. The ban expired last month, so mimi stato huyoo…” wrote Creme del a creme.

Dj Creme’s sister Murugi took the chance to remind him how shocked she was to receive a Homeland security call informing her that her brother was detained in Dallas, US.

On hearing the American accent, his sister thought Dj Creme was pulling a prank on her, only to realize how much trouble her brother was in.

“I will never forget that call from homeland security; I thought you were joking by trying to weng, and I’m like, “Geogy acha ufala, ulifika? Little did I know that someone was in an orange overall in a cell,” she wrote.

dj creme del a creme

Dj Creme’s deportation

The award-winning spin doctor got deported from the United States for trying to enter the country without proper documentation.

The Dj was jetting into the country for a couple of shows he had advertised on his social media accounts; however, he was equipped with a tourist visa.

American authorities intercepted him as soon as he touched down at the Dallas airport.

They thoroughly questioned the DJ until he came clean on the real purpose of his visit, which required a business visa.

The Dj had been invited to the US by American based Kenyan promoter Tall Under Genge entertainment but ended up locked up in a US prison with orange prison overalls.

Speaking to Pulse Magazine DJ Creme likened the ordeal to that of the Prison Break TV series.

The DJ claimed he might have been set up by a promoter he had a falling out with, Kellz Ochieng.

“I indeed travelled to the states, but I couldn’t gain admission because my papers had discrepancies,” he narrated.

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