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Comedian Jemutai thrilled as DNA confirms Prof. Hamo is her children’s father

You are the father! DNA tests conducted by Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) last week have confirmed that Professor Hamo fathered both Jemutai’s children.

A smitten Jemutai couldn’t be more excited to share the news with the public shutting down all who branded her an untrustworthy baby mama.

Sharing the news via her Facebook account, Jemutai stated that the DNA was a 99.9% match.

“DNA results are out, 99.9%,” wrote Jemutai.

Professor Hamo asked for the DNA test after Jemutai exposed him for disappearing from their lives and abandoning his fatherly responsibilities.

Jemutai, aka Stella Koitie, went broke after the pandemic left her jobless and with the burden of raising two children alone.

She approached blogger Edgar Obare with the hopes of selling her Facebook account with over 870,000 fans at ksh 2 per follower.

Bonfire Adventures’ Sarah Kabu persuaded Jemutai not to sell her account, highlighting that she could make much more cash from it with the proper guidance.

She also asked her to forget about her baby daddy and concentrate on her children’s welfare.

In a recent social media confession, Jemutai revealed that Hamo walked out on them in October 2020.

He visited Jemutai’s house four times since then during odd hours of the night being dead drunk.

Jemutai accused Hamo of being violent and promised to share evidence to support her statement if needed.

Speaking of the matter via his Facebook account, Hamo denied the deadbeat accusations placed on him.He said that he has been providing basic needs for all his children.

Hamo mentioned that he sends his baby mama money through his first wife, who currently resides in Nakuru.

“I’ve been providing for my children since day one, and they never went without food, shelter or anything they need,” wrote Hamo.

Hamo and Jemutai’s social media fight became a heated national topic so fast that their boss Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill, intervened.

Churchill advised the comedians to solve their issues away from social media and organised them a face to face meeting.

The meeting was held last week, and Hamo agreed to cater for his children’s school fees.

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