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EABL publicly announces decision to withdraw adverts from Homeboyz after scandal

The East African Breweries Limited (EABL) has, on Saturday, publicly announced withdrawing adverts from Homeboyz Radio publicly.

In a statement sent out earlier today, EABL confirmed pausing all forms of adverts from Homeboyz Radio. The letter said the decision started on Thursday. They termed the remarks by Homeboyz morning crew, Shaffie Weru, DJ Joe Mfalme, and Neville as ‘disparaging.’

An ill-advised attempt at entertainment

Early in the week, a video clip circulated on the internet showed the three men mocking a woman named Eunice. This was after a man had thrown her off a building.

In an ill-advised move, Shaffie, Dj Joe, and Neville, rather than reprimand the man for his heinous acts, suggested that the woman was at fault for ‘being too available.’

The video caused an uproar among many Kenyans. Thus, many took to the social media platforms to express their justified rage at the utterances. The outrage soon grew to calls for advertisers to pull their advertisements from the radio until it re-evaluated its position on the matter.

Pausing all forms of advertising

“Consequently, beginning Thursday 26th March 2021, EABL paused all forms of advertising on the RAG (Radio Africa Group) programs related with these presenters,” EABL said in their statement on Saturday.

The company also said that they issued a pre-condition to resume the partnership; they had asked RAG to do due diligence in selecting presenters. They also called for consequence management to avoid such scandals.

Gender diversity

“We have also asked RAG to ensure a continuous training program for presenters to be sensitized on gender matters and commit to airing content that will address negative gender narratives,” EABL said.

The company said that they strove to promote gender inclusion and diversity. Thus, the gender insensitive remarks by the presenters were not in line with their ‘core tenets’ of the agenda for gender diversity.

The radio presenters’ remarks come just a few days after another man had raped a woman. The man then brutally murdered her.

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